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Thanks for selecting Window Replacement Company for your window and door replacement project. Your decision to upgrade to new aluminium joinery signifies a significant step in enhancing your living space. To ensure a seamless experience, we aim to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the installation process from start to finish.

Preparing for your INSTALLATION

Before our team arrives to install your new aluminium joinery, here’s what  needs to happen:

Measurement Appointment

Within two weeks of paying your deposit and finalizing your joinery choices, one of our Measurers will contact you to schedule a home visit for detailed measurements.

Target Install Date

During the final site measure of your joinery, we will provide an estimated installation date based on current manufacturing and lead times.

Confirmed Install Day

One week before installation, you will receive confirmation of the scheduled installation day.

Pre-Install Confirmation

The day before installation, we will confirm the installation time and the expected arrival of our staff on-site.

Preparation Steps

  • Site Measurement: We may need to remove some timber around your windows/doors to complete our detailed site measure. We will keep this to a minimum and temporarily reinstate it afterward.
  • Window Dressings: If possible, please remove all window drapes, blinds, net curtains, etc. Note that these may not fit the new windows if their size has changed.
  • Furniture and Appliances: All furniture and appliances must be moved to allow our installation team a safe working area of at least 1.5m from any joinery that we are working on.
  • Clear Valuable Items: Pack away any valuable items within 1.5m from any joinery we are working on to avoid damage from power tools and demolition equipment.
  • Electrical Work: Arrange for an electrician to be available if needed to move, disconnect, or reinstate any live cables. This cost will be the responsibility of the homeowner.
  • Dust Containment: Cover all furniture, electrical appliances, food preparation areas, etc., and close doors to minimize cleanup during and after the installation of your new aluminium joinery.
  • Risk of Damage: Certain building materials and construction methods in existing homes can pose a risk for damage during installation. Our team will raise any concerns during the sales process and final site inspection, but please note that Window Replacement Company may not have control over damage incurred, and any remedial costs associated with identified items will be the responsibility of the homeowner.

By following these steps, you can help ensure a smooth and successful installation process. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We appreciate your cooperation and look forward to transforming your home with our quality products.


Setup Coordination

Our installation team will consult with you to determine the optimal placement of equipment/tools, vehicle parking, and the designated area for accumulating rubbish and old joinery.


Removal of Existing Joinery

During the removal process, there is a possibility that existing joinery may sustain damage. While we make every effort to remove specific items without causing harm, we cannot guarantee this outcome. Any additional time required to delicately remove joinery items will be subject to an additional charge. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.


Water Access

If access to tap water is required for the installation, please notify our team accordingly.


Handling Old Joinery

If you have chosen to keep any of your old joinery, please inform our team and specify where you would like it placed once it has been removed.


Bathroom Facilities

To ensure smooth operations, please provide clear instructions regarding access to toilet/bathroom facilities, as our installation team may need to utilize them during the process.


Dust Containment

While we strive to minimize dust during the installation of your new aluminium joinery, please be aware that some dust may become airborne. We recommend cleaning surfaces before use, especially in food preparation areas.


Drop Sheets and Floor Protection

Our team will use drop sheets and plastic floor wraps to cover work areas and floor spaces they will be walking on internally, minimizing any potential damage or mess.


Unforeseen Circumstances

Please understand that installation dates may occasionally change due to factors such as adverse weather, unexpected delays, or staffing issues. Rest assured, we will do our best to minimize any disruption caused by these unforeseen circumstances.


Mains Power

Kindly inform our team about the location of your mains power to facilitate any necessary electrical work.


Once the installation is complete, here are the next steps:

Reinstating Furniture/Personal Items

Please make arrangements to return any furniture, window dressings, or valuables that were moved or stored prior to the installation.


Our installation team will conduct a thorough builder’s clean of the work areas, ensuring that all rubbish generated during the installation process is removed.


Your feedback is invaluable to us. We encourage you to share any additional comments or suggestions to help us improve our services.

Warranty & Sign Off

Our Head Installer will perform a final check to ensure your satisfaction with the finished work. Once you are satisfied, we will proceed with the necessary warranty procedures.

Decorating Surrounding Areas

You will need to arrange for the decoration of areas surrounding the joinery. This includes tasks such as puttying nail holes, painting or decorating replacements, and addressing any mouldings or surrounding wall areas as necessary.

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